silverlining is an electronic music duo based in Shanghai, China. 

They are part of live performance, part DJ set. 

East meets West, ancient meets modern.


silverlining 位于中国上海的电子音乐组合。 





The “pipa” 琵琶 Ancient traditional stringed instrument.

Invented: 2nd century AD (Han Dynasty) China

琵琶 古代传统弦乐器 / 发明:公元2世纪(汉代) 中国 

Ableton “Push” Revolutionary electronic music instrument. Invented: 2013 Germany

Ableton "Push" 革命性的电子乐器 / 发明:2013 德国

Winter 2017 in Shanghai saw Ebar and Jasmine Li combine as silverlining, a proper pumping DJ tag-team (tech, deep, afro, organic, prog) interspersed with live amplified performances on the pipa + Ableton Push.

This east-meets-west duology hasn't been done quite like this before in the electronic scene, and the ingredients are ripe for a fertile and creative gig.


Current Base // Shanghai, China 

Combined Years DJ // 47 

Combined Years Producer // 22

Years ‘Pipa’ Player // 35

Styles // techno | tech House | deep house | afro house | organic house | traditional Chinese

Gear // 4x CDJ, 1x NI S4, 1x Ableton Push, 1x 4ch mixer, 1x ‘pipa’ + contact mic, 1x Pioneer RXM500, 1x NI Komplete Audio 6 Interface

Full rider available on request.